Technical performance
锛嶮icrocomputer control, DC brushless motor, stable operation, low noise and high speed accuracy.
锛嶵ouch panel, programmable operation, operation data can be set according to demands and stored automatically.
锛嶭ED display. user-friendly interface, simple and convenient operations.
锛嶵he real-time conversation Of Speed and RCF is convenient for operation.
锛嶪t has self-locking device, lid safety device, over-speed safety device, and automatic alarm device, etc.
Rotor typeHLA RotorSERO Rotor
Rotor Capacity(0.25~1ml)脳127ml脳12
Max RCF2000脳g1000脳g
DriveMicrocomputer control, brushless DC motor drive
Time rangeProgrammed timekeeping

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